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Masters of the Bare Bow ALL SOLD

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2022 4:10 pm
by Ian Turner
Hi all Masters of The Barebow 1,2 &3 $70 incl postage
Howard Hill DVD's x3 $50 posted
Traditioal Harvests and best of Turkey $$30 posted
Native Arrows and Points and the Longbow Series Fletching Medieval Arrows $30 posted.
If someone wants the lot will sort out a price.
All in perfect condition some still unopened

Just found some more (not in pictures)

Easton Tradition Bowhunting with Fred Eichler 2 dvd set $35 posted
Backpack Hunting for Hogs Tusker Productions with John Teitzel 4 DVDS $60 POSTED for the 4
2X 3 RIVERS DVD'S Crafting Flemish Twist Strings and Crafting Wood Arrows $40 posted for the 2

And again if someone wants a bunch i will sort out a price


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