Osage offcuts

Want to sell, buy or trade. Not restricted to archery items.

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Osage offcuts

#1 Post by flyonline » Sun May 31, 2020 7:56 pm

I'm in the process of making some charcoal for my old man and started throwing in some of my osage offcuts then realised they might be of use to people. The timber has been down for a few years now and should be completely stable and would be good for tip overlays, knife scales etc. The attached photos are just for reference, they wouldn't be exactly that size. I'm happy to throw a handful of lumps like below in a pre-paid satchel to keep cost down. If there is something specific that is wanted, sing out and I'm see if I can help.

In return I'm looking something that you'd be happy to swap so no cash is involved, say a part roll string material, serving thread, inserts, feathers etc.

Always looking for:
heavier (50+gr) inserts
Would like to try glue on broadhead for timber arrow

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