Here an offer for buying in the U.S.A

Looking for bow making supplies, camping gear or some leather for a new quiver, then this is the forum to check.

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Cody Roiter
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Here an offer for buying in the U.S.A

#1 Post by Cody Roiter » Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:22 am

G-Day Mate's.
I know you lad's have many great archery shop there in the Oz. But I know you guys for some things spend an arm and a leg to get it. I wanted to offer to you if u guys ever need any thing that has to do with archery products let me know as I will buy it here in the U.S and send it to you so u are not spending that arm and leg.. I am still trying to think how this is going to work out. I was thinkin maybe who ever needed some thing could tell me how we would want to pay for product... Say that Jeff want's a 100 nocks. All I would do is say ok Jeff how would u like to pay me. Before I send the nocks to you or when you get them in your hands you send me the money.. I am not trying to make any money off of this at all mate's..

Also you would have to pay for the shipping. here are some products I have on hand now..

Nocks I have Nirk Nocks I will sell a doz for $2.00 U.S I dont know how much that is there ( would some one let me know so I am not getting over payed for some think u could buy there cheaper)

Also if u need some thing like Glue for bow making I know a place that did sell it for $20 U.S..
I will try and order what ever products u guys needs and I will not make u lad's over pay..

Thanks Mate's

Cody R
Cody Roiter

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