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Dennis La Varenne
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#1 Post by Dennis La Varenne » Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:27 pm

I have been contacted by Jim Boswell, owner/proprietor of Rudderbows Archery in Washington State, U.S.A. to ask if anyone over here would be interested in becoming Rudderbows Australian agent.

He has been contacted by many Australian trad archers who want to buy bows and other supplies from him but when faced with the enormous shipping costs by UPS and FedEx, they were not able to buy their bow from him. The shipping costs are often far in excess of the price of one of his bows unfortunately for us.

I can vouch for the quality of his bows and bow building supplies because I have had a few of his bows over the years and far more of his bow blanks and staves from which to build them. I have not had a single problem with any of them attributable to his build quality or the quality of his Hickory staves or his Hickory backing laminations. He does sell planed bamboo backing laminations, but I have never bought one so far. I do have two bamboo-backed bows I made from backed Ipé staves which are very good shooters and the bamboo has not deteriorated in any way for the past several years.

Rudderbows supplies a goodly number of US retail Trad Archery outlets - 3Rivers in particular, Kustom King, and some others whom I cannot recall presently (but I will find out from JIm).

So, if anybody thinks they would like to take up the offer, I can put them in direct contact with Jim by email.

Dennis La Varénne

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