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ProtX Gloves - Bowcraft Archery

#1 Post by Hobo » Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:29 pm

Hi everyone I'm Alby Coleman and I am an archer and the dealer for the ProtX Kevlar Armored Hand Glove. As we all know archery is a very safe sport however, incidents do occur where an archer has had an arrow explode or be misfired and the archer has an arrow go through the archer's hand that he/she is holding the bow with. Now we can reduce the risk of injury by wearing the ProtX Kevlar Armored Hand Glove.
The glove is made of breathable material and as an archer, I find the glove comfortable to wear all during practice, competition and when hunting.
Now regardless of the type of arrow and in spite of the checks their arrows to make sure they are safe to use, incidents do occur where the archer has unfortunately had an arrow being misfired or explode and the arrow goes through their hand.
The price of the glove is $52.00 plus postage & handling via Australia Post Registered Post for 1 glove is $6.15.
For product sizes and colours available go to
As an introductory offer to all members of this forum the price is $52.00 with free postage & handling to anywhere in Australia for the month of March 2016.
Also on my web site I have custom made quivers and armguards which are hand made to the customer's requirements.
I can be contacted via email - or MOB 0419002468.

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