Another Nail In The Coffin

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Another Nail In The Coffin

#1 Post by greybeard » Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:38 pm

Another nail in the coffin of archery and bow hunting; ... wn/9831690

In case you missed an earlier story; ... ra/7226060

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Re: Another Nail In The Coffin

#2 Post by kerry » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:57 pm

goodness me , who are these bl#@dy clowns ? :angry-cussing:
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Ian Turner
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Re: Another Nail In The Coffin

#3 Post by Ian Turner » Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:33 pm

Its these bloody morons that buy their cheap **** Chinese bows from the markets and off ebay that "just want to kill somefinkl i want a big powerful bow tvat will kill fings eeerrr eeerr.

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Re: Another Nail In The Coffin

#4 Post by perry » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:14 pm

This is the 2nd report in as many Days from the ABC reporting a native Animal shot with an Arrow. Despite the RSPCA's predictable Agenda driven WRONG comment I am sickened by this. Law Abiding Bowhunters and Archers do not deserve the indignity of being lumped in with the Scum that do these things yet we will pay the price. It makes me so angry !

I am at a loss on how to prevent this happening again because making it extra illegal wont stop a **** doing the wrong thing. I am being dragged kicking and screaming to the conclusion that restrictions must be placed on the sale of Bows and Arrows only too those who can prove they have a genuine reason for one - a slippery slope indeed because it will lead to draconian Restrictions and Licencing for Archers as has been imposed on Law Abiding Firearms Owners.

Draconian Legislation for Firearms has been a dismal failure despite what the Government and Media tell you and did nothing to keep them out of the hands of criminals or People who will abuse them. I cant see it working for Archery Equipment either. I really get why left wing extremists call for a Unicorn chasing Utopia but while Humans have breath on this Planet it wont happen.

Here's that first article I referred too. Seems that the Anti's are turning it up a notch to impose Restrictive Legislation on Archers from the number of reports in the media this year. ... ok_Organic

regards Perry
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