Another Step Closer

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Another Step Closer

#1 Post by greybeard » Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:01 am

Another step closer to the licensing of bows; ... ey/8000696

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For a good bow twice paid for, is better than an ill bow once broken.

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Re: Another Step Closer

#2 Post by GrahameA » Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:51 pm

Afternoon All.
greybeard wrote:Another step closer to the licensing of bows; ... ey/8000696

In other reports it is a "Compound Bow". ... sjb6e.html
Irrespective it is not desirable media coverage.
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Re: Another Step Closer

#3 Post by Roadie » Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:24 pm

Just make sure when you shoot the Mongrel he is still in the car, not out of it running away. Cheers Roadie.

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Re: Another Step Closer

#4 Post by perry » Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:13 pm

Earlier this Year the NSW Government voiced it's concern to the Governing Bodies and asked them to work with them to reduce the amount of Crime such as Poaching/ Threatening behavior etc committed by People with a Bow and Arrow. Lets hope the Anti's don't start screaming and the Media does not whip up this Incident.

There was another case in NSW earlier this Year where a Fella caught a Burglar who had just been released from Jail standing in the Hallway looking at his sleeping Child and he assaulted the Crim who died before the Police arrived. The Man was charged, I think it's still going through the Courts. The difference with this latest case is that the Crim was allegedly running away, lets hope the Crim is not seriously injured and has died somewhere despite the temptation to wish the Crim ill.

It's so sad that in Australia you may well be charged for Defending yourself if in the Authroities view you used excessive or inappropriate Force. Never mind a Criminal is in your Home in the act of Stealing your Property and by doing so is violating and threatening you and your Home. There will also be concerns the Fella has allegedly brought the Sport into disrepute. Lets hope it's not the Straw that breaks the Camels Back from a Legislative perspective and what ever organisation he may be a member of him talks to him and gets the full facts before any action is taken.

I don't believe that Registration of Bows or Arrows is practical but Licencing the Archer and having Legislation imposed on us similar to a Firearm's Licence is already in place in Queensland, it's called a Category M Licence and M is for Miscellaneous. I don't know about other States and similar Legislation.

2 or 3 Elections ago while reading through LNP Policy's I noticed a proposal to restrict the import of Hunting Knives [what ever a Hunting Knife is] and for Photo ID to be shown even if you bought a Kitchen Knife from K Mart. It was not Policy last Election but it only takes one Criminal Act for the Government to Punish the Law Abiding for the Act of a Criminal in order for them to look as if they are doing something.

The previous Qld Police Minister had a bloody good crack at shafting Queensland Archer's when some Kids who lived next door to her Mother allegedly put an Arrow into her Parents Back Door after shooting through a Fence. This was killed off quickly because the relevant Authorities first reaction was the idea of Registering Bows and Arrows [ ie Serial Numbers ] is a Red Tape Nightmare. Hundreds of Archers also flooded the Government with Emails and Phone Calls, the Governing Bodies and influential Hunting Industry People lobbied the Government. Queensland's new Police Minister is a prize Turkey in my view and has proven he will not consult Industry, Association's or affected People with Firearms Legislation, cant see him doing it for Archers either

At the recent Viking Cultural Day I had a new Australian, a Chinese Fella approach me and request where he could buy a Bow and Arrow for self Defense. I explained to him the Law as I understood it and suggested he speak to a Policeman or Lawyer to confirm what I said.

regards Perry
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