WA requesting submissions on public land hunting

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WA requesting submissions on public land hunting

#1 Post by Jim » Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:34 am

I just found out about this through the ABA's facebook page, which contained a link through to a post on another forum:

(Below Text copied from original newsletter)

WA: Hunting environmental contribution inquiry

The WA Government is holding an Inquiry into the ‘Potential environmental contribution of recreational hunting systems’. Submissions are due by Friday 28 March.

The Inquiry’s terms of reference are that the Council acknowledges the use in other States of regulated, licensed recreational hunting systems and the potential environmental contribution made in controlling pest animals on public lands, together with the possible economic, cultural and recreational benefits to the community. The Public Administration Committee will inquire into the benefits or otherwise of a similar system being adopted in Western Australia to report by 4 December 2014.

Written information about the form and content of submissions is available here. Submissions should be addressed to Ms Lauren Mesiti, Committee Clerk, Standing Committee on Public Administration, Legislative Council, Parliament House, Perth WA 6000 (fax (08) 9222 7805).

http://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/parliam ... endocument
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