Bows fighting Beijing socialists?

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Bows fighting Beijing socialists?

#1 Post by Jim » Fri Nov 15, 2019 8:53 am

Hey guys, there have been some stories in the news about bows being used by Hong Kong protesters. As an archery enthusiast I've been naturaly drawn to those stories. Here's a link to one at abc with a photo of a guy pointing a recurve at police. ... e/11706424

A funny idea struck me though. I haven't actually seen any reporting by the protestors that they've been shooting arrows but chinese police are reporting it a fair bit. In the photo in that story you can see 4 people from behind, dressed like all the protestors and one of them is pointing a drawn bow at a road with cars on it. The chinese love a good bit of propaganda and lying to their own people and I found myself wondering if they had staged these photos and reported being shot at so that they can describe the protestors as violent and dangerous and justify being more violent themselves. Those Beijing socialists are world leaders in social manipulation after all.

Anyway, its a curious little appendix to the history of the bow and arrow, what ever the truth of the matter!
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