Craft Show at the Bathurst Archery Festival

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Craft Show at the Bathurst Archery Festival

#1 Post by perry » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:23 am

G/Day Folks,

The Bathurst Archery Festival is a once in a Lifetime experience and Traditional Archery Australia needs your support so we can put our best foot forward at our Traditional Archery Display at the Bathurst Archery Festival. Traditional Archery Australia was formed in order to best represent Australia's Traditional Archers and preserve and promote Traditional Archery Skills and the Bathurst Archery Festival is a great opportunity for us to advance Traditional Archery in this Country
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If you would like to display some of your Traditional Archery related Craft Items, be they examples of Arrows be they fancy, period correct or simply that your plain proud of, Leathercraft such as Quivers, Armguards, Knife Sheaths, Belts etc, Bows, Hides you have Tanned, anything you've made anything at all.

We are also very keen to hear from People who have a Traditional Skill they would like to demonstrate at the Festival. It would be wonderful to have you there making, talking about and/or demonstrating Traditional Archery Skills.
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If you would love to contribute to the success of the Bathurst Archery Festival and advance Traditional Archery Australia please contact me at or via PM. Here's link to the Bathurst Archery Festivals Facebook Page.

regards Perry
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