Battle Axe

Blades. Knife-making, Flintknapping, sharpening broadheads, etc. A showcase for the talents of Cutlery and Artillery Artisans, and a place to sell and source wares, as well as materials, vendors etc.

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Battle Axe

#1 Post by metalhead » Thu Dec 23, 2021 7:46 pm

I finished this last night and it's getting picked up in the morning to be given as a Christmas present. Not exactly what I'm into but I was talked into making it. More like begged. It was a heat treat challenge just because it's too big to fit into anything I own so I had to do some modification too my set up. Anyway merry Christmas to everyone and I hope next year Covid eases up so we can get out more and see more posts on this forum.
2021-12-23 20.00.02.jpg
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Re: Battle Axe

#2 Post by greybeard » Sun Dec 26, 2021 1:59 pm

It looks as though it would do the job, I would hate to be on the receiving end.

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