How to embed your Youtube videos into posts

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How to embed your Youtube videos into posts

#1 Post by gundy » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:48 pm


we have modified the forum BBCode ruling to allow you to post Youtube movies directly into your posts. I will show you how shortly, but first, some rules;

1. Please only embed Archery or Bowhunting related videos. If you want to show other members other types of videos, please simply post a URL link within your post, as has been completed in the past.
2. I know I do not have to say this, but I will for the record: No videos are to be embedded that may be deemed offensive, racial, discriminative etc and so on. You guys know the drill.
3. You all need to start taking more video of your hunting adventures and archery in general! :)

Okay, now the extremely difficult part - not! Within your normal post creation, simply add the following tags with the word youtube in the first set of brackets (do not use the underscore as shown, this was used so that the code could be seen) and do the same in the end set of brackets, but with a forward slash in front of the youtube word.


Now you will have to replace the 12345abcde with the Youtube unique video number. Example follows;

URL location of a particuar bowhunting video on Youtube:

See the unique video number after the = sign (highlighted RED)?

Simply copy this part only from your Youtube videos into the tag brackets, so you will end up with this (note yet again, the underscore is there so that the link will not work within this demo, do not use the underscores in your actual posts/code).


Thats all there is to it! Enjoy. By the way, heres the Vid. A great DVD from a couple of local lads - the Southy brothers.

Enjoy and I'm looking forward to your videos!

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