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Ozbow's Code of Hunting Ethics

Ozbow encourages and promotes an Ethical Code of Bowhunting based on the following principles, as defined by Dennis La Varenne.

Thanks, Dennis!

There is a set of guiding principles which se a standard of behaviour which comples me to act in a certain manner irrespective of whether others are present or not, or whether I am ever likely to be caught out or not.

These are:

  1. I will never take a shot at any animal where there is a reasonable possibility of wounding.
  2. I will never take a shot at any animal where the shot is a "challenge".
  3. The only morally defensible shot is one where a humane killing shot is probable.
  4. I will never take a shot where I do not have control over the outcome.
  5. The only morally defensible situation where a wounded anumal occurs is when the circumstances were completely beyond my ability to predict the outcome.
  6. The animal I hunt is never entrapped or its escape is prevented.